Chaga - a representative of the Hymenochaetaceae family, looks like a black fungus growth on the trunks of trees, usually birch.

Former village Hunchback

Long ago, in place of the Garden Society has 5 villages. One of them, the most extreme in the forest, called the Hunchback. Once the village were destroyed, the last residents moved in Bobigny. Since the land there was not suitable for growing large economy, it was transferred to the Kirov shinnomu plant a garden for the organization of society. In those days, a tire plant lived lavishly, wages were high, so the whole area was quickly mastered. In the 90 years the economy went into decline and only now people can again afford to build a small house on the site.

Old Forest

To search for chagi I always choose parts of the forest, where logging has ever produced, because a large Chaga grows on old trees. Of accessible sites in our woods there are not many, they are usually located along forest streams. Another reason to travel through the woods along the rivers - the belief that do not get lost. Because the sun does not always serve as a guide, and a compass, I somehow was not used.

Area map

The area of ​​this forest area is located along the river copperhead, about 5 sq km The last time I met here chaga after the default in 1998-2000, so it is here again naroslo enough. Chaga grows 10-15 years.

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Published on  December 30th, 2011

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