Chaga - a representative of the Hymenochaetaceae family, looks like a black fungus growth on the trunks of trees, usually birch.

Prices and Delivery

I looked at a few sites that sell wholesale chaga, and a few sites that sell at retail chaga, I looked at the prices chaga in drug stores, I called one company taking chaga in my city:

  1. Sites selling wholesale chaga - 200-300 rubles/kg;
  2. Sites selling at retail chaga - 600-1100 rubles/kg;
  3. Prices in pharmacies - 60-65rubley/50gr;
  4. The firm takes chaga in my city - 40-50 rubles/kg

As you can see pass chaga dealers absolutely no sense. Prices in pharmacies is very high, but packing just a paltry 50 grams - for 1 cup of infusion. Since the sites that sell wholesale chaga probably buy chaga at 50 rubles per kilogram, and because their price is quite low, and sites that sell at retail purchase chaga chaga on websites selling wholesale chaga, I have decided to stop at a price 350 rubles/kg, because I do it myself and know the value of collecting these fees.

The current price for chaga, as well as its availability, you can see in the upper block of my site.

For Russians, the price will consist of the price per pound plus the cost of postal delivery. You can calculate the shipping cost on my website or on the site of the post Russian Federation. Please specify the type of departure - a valuable parcel delivery method - ground. Do not specify the value of the parcel, I will pay it himself.

Price Calculator international mail

For foreign customers will still have to pay to obtain a phytosanitary certificate.

My price, of course, will vary depending on demand, because I do not have a warehouse, and land and keep chaga at his dacha. But the reduction or increase in prices will occur only chaga after the maximum promotion.

If demand is low and I can not sell at the desired value chaga, I decrease the price. If a sudden demand will be high and I can not provide all interested, I'll just give an ad on TV and purchased the required amount of the fungus, but the price remains the same.

Postage for the Russians will be the purchase of 1 kg, and for overseas customers from 2 pounds, because, for therapeutic purposes to use chaga long enough.

Published on  November 12th, 2011

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In stock 200 kg

Price 12 $/kg

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