Chaga - a representative of the Hymenochaetaceae family, looks like a black fungus growth on the trunks of trees, usually birch.

Popular Recipes

The base recipe is present chaga

Chunks of shelf fungus should be cleaned, pour boiled water at room temperature and let stand for 6-7 hours until tender. It is best to use glass or ceramic dish.

Sodden chaga need to get it and squeeze. Then mince or grate. Water that soak Chaga, be heated to 40-50 ° C and pour over mashed chaga rate of 5 parts water to 1 part chagi. Water in any case no need to overheat to the fungus retained as much of its medicinal properties. Fungus must insist on for two days in a cool place.

The prepared infusion should be well filtered and stored in a sealed container in a cool dark place. Infusion can be taken for four days.

Accelerated recipe chaga

This recipe has a relatively high therapeutic effect, despite the fact that apply higher than in the basic recipe, temperature and maceration lasts a few hours. Quantity of nutrients in the drink, of course, is reduced, but only slightly.

Preparation of tea from chaga

If you decide to back up its forces, wandering through the woods, or you simply have no desire to devote much time to prepare infusions, you can brew tea from the shelf fungus. Of course, the healing properties of such a drink will be somewhat weaker than the first two, but as a preventive and restorative amiss.

There are lots of recipes chagi for various diseases. Chaga often combines them with other medicinal plants. Of the shelf fungus can be prepared not only extracts, but creams and ointments.

All these recipes are better to look at specialized medical sites. Maybe someday will be created for these sites and traditional healers, herbalists, and then they can share their recipes with the world.

Published on  September 7th, 2011

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